Consultation and other services

Consultation and other services


            We believe that understanding of the law is the key to a successful business. This is because failure to comply with law can greatly affect the Clients’ efficiency and reputation. At Interlex & Biz Counsellor, we continue to assist our clients in making careful legal decisions that will ensure their business’s productivity and profitability, while adhered to the laws of Thailand. Our one stop service consultation includes:

  1. Registration of Company/Representative Office/Branch Office
  2. Obtaining Visa and Work Permit for expatriates
  3. Obtaining BOI License
  4. Obtaining factory construction and factory operating permits
  5. Drafting or reviewing of Contract/MOU/Company’s Employment Regulations
  6. Giving advice in the areas of:

Corporate Law

Drafting shareholders or joint venture agreement; preparing Memorandum and Articles of Association etcs.

Real Estate Law

Drafting contract for purchase or lease of property etcs.

Labor Law

Drafting Employment regulations, Employment contract, negotiating any disputes with employee etcs.

Tax Law

Rendering advices with regard to taxation; negotiating with tax Authorities etcs.

Investment Law

Rendering advices with regard to establishment of business entities, BOI (Investment Promotion) etcs.


At the same time, we also giving advice regarding family law which includes:

  • Will
  • Marriage
  • Adoption
  • Divorce


Visa and Work Permit

Advising and applying for the appropriate type of visa/work permit including renewal thereof


Notarial Services

Our lawyers are officially permitted to render notarial services by the Lawyers Council of Thailand



Translation of document from English to Thai and vice versa is available as part of our consultation and litigation services, as well as an individual assignment.

29 March 2021

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