Updated Social Secruity Acts 2015

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Updated Social Security Act for 2015


                According to the Social Security Office, the updated Social Security Act B.E. (No. 4) will be effective on 20th October 2015 after it was announced in the Royal Thai Government Gazette earlier this year.


                The newly updated Act saw great improvement of existing clauses that will allow insured persons and their families to reach their benefits easier. Some of the major changes to the clauses include:


  1. Expansion of health benefits.


  1. No limits to number of pregnancy to be eligible for maternity benefits.


  1. Support for employees who were temporary laid off during time of crisis.


  1. Increase benefits and compensation for people with disabilities.



Credits:            Social Security Office (5th Issue, June 2015)

Arranged and translated by:     Interlex & Biz Counsellor  

25 May 2018

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