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 Head of firm


               Mr. Khachornrit T. Vongs, born in Bangkok, Thailand on 22nd August 1948 received his LL.B. Degree from Thammasat University in 1971 and was admitted to practice the following year. He later received his Master Degree of Law from the Law School, University of Miami, in 1975.


                During 1978-1996, he worked with Dr. Ukrit Mongkolnavin Law Office and was assigned to look after expatriates whose companies invested in Thailand.


A word from Head of the Firm


                Thailand is a dynamic country, striving to create favorable investment opportunity to foreign investors. Its internal laws and regulations have been constantly rectified to cope with the investment strategy. Competent and reliable Thai lawyers with good understanding in foreign investment were few in number. The Thai and foreign business communities felt they do need prestigious Thai law firms on which could depend and rely on. In response to the aforesaid needs, “Interlex & Biz Counsellor Law Office” was established.




Mr. Rungroj


Name:        Mr. Roongroj  Ruengprach


Position:     Senior Lawyer



*        1996         LL.B. Ramkhamhaeng University

*        2009         LL.M. Ramkhamhaeng University

*        2003         Notarial Service Attorney Certificate (Class of 3) issued by the Lawyers Council of Thailand

*        2014         Training of Lawyers Investigative Committee organized by the Lawyers Council of Thailand        



*        17 years of Legal Practices







Ms. Lalita


Name:        Miss Lalita Thaloengsakdanuvongs


Position:     Office Manager




*        2007         Certificate IV in Mass Communication, Perth Institute of Business and Technology (PIBT),

                           Perth, Australia

*        2008         Diploma of Communications, Perth Institute of Business and Technology (PIBT),

                           Perth, Australia

*        2010         Bachelor of Communication (Double Major in Media and Cultural Studies and

                          Mass Communication), Edith Cowan University, Australia




*        7 years in management field

16 August 2018

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